Lawn mower carburetors need airflow and gas flow in order for your lawn mower to run. If the ratio of gas to air flow is incorrect, your lawn mower will not start or may start and then die quickly. The ratio can be off due to gas leaks, to a lack of gas flow, to stopped up air filters or to a gas cap that is defective...more

Long before even the 1200 Pioneer Chain Saw, lumberjacks used axes to fell trees.
Pioneer Saws was literally a pioneer in the outdoor power products marketplace, providing robust chain saws to lumberjacks and homeowners beginning in the 1950s. The Pioneer line of chain saws -- including the vintage, 40-year-old 1200 Pioneer Chain Saw -- is widely recognized for its simplicity in design, power and ruggedness. 1200 Pioneer chain saws were first introduced in 1969, then discontinued in 1977. The 1200 Pioneer Chain Saw is considered a collectible...more

Gutter conversion kits aid in your rain barrel setup.
Rain barrels are containers that hook into the gutter of a home and collect water runoff. Using a rain barrel cuts down on water consumption by allowing you to attach a hose and tap into the collected water for your garden. In order to attach a rain barrel to your gutter, you'll need a gutter conversion kit. There are a variety of models available from different manufacturers...more

Many trees within Hamilton, Ontario, are protected heritage trees.
Trees within Hamilton city limits are divided into two categories: public trees and private trees. In either case, the intention to cut down any tree must first be given planning and forethought. Many trees in the Hamilton area are deemed heritage trees and are protected by the forestry management plan. However, it is possible to have a public or private tree removed if the by-law guidelines are followed correctly...more

One way to protect your sprinkler heads is to build a fence.
Whether you live on or near a golf course or your home is just close to the road, protecting your sprinkler system from damage due to vehicles and road traffic can save you cash later. Sprinkler systems consist of a buried irrigation system and a number of sprinkler heads that pop out of the ground and can become damaged by lawn mowers, vehicles and even people stepping on them...more

A pole saw allows you to reach branches higher in the tree.
An extension pole chain saw, sometimes called a pole saw, is a mini chain saw that attaches to a long pole. The saw weighs less than a traditional chain saw and allows you to reach small, high branches without having to use a ladder. Compare the features of the pole saws to find the model to best tackle your pruning tasks...more

Lava rock forms when molten lava cools and hardens.
Landscaping with red lava rock adds rich color and texture to a yard. Formed from molten lava with gas bubbles trapped inside, it is naturally porous, hard and durable. The amount you’ll need depends upon the scope of your landscaping project. Lava rocks come in irregular shapes that vary from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches thick...more

After prolonged use, the front wheels of your lawnmower may become loose.
As with any other piece of machinery, a lawnmower requires regular maintenance during the course of its life. When you first buy a lawnmower, you should be able to use it for an extended period of time with no problems. After a while, though, the machine may develop minor issues, including loose front wheels, that require a little work to prevent a larger problem from developing...more

If not performed correctly, cutting down trees can be dangerous.
When a tree becomes damaged, diseased or unwanted, the best course of action may be to remove it. Tree removal services will remove the unwanted tree for you; however, this service can be quite expensive. Fortunately, with the proper tools and knowledge, you can remove the tree yourself without the hefty cost of a professional service...more

Drying algae can choke an entire ecosystem.
To get the most out of your lawn and garden, you may regularly apply a fertilizer to the soil. This fertilizer will help the plants grow to their maximum potential, but if you apply the fertilizer in the wrong way or at the wrong time, it can have dangerous effects on the environment...more

Cut larger underbrush to increase dieback from herbicide.
Underbrush in a landscape presents an unkempt appearance and may potentially contain plants such as privet (Ligustrum sinense), which grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 to 10, and blackberry (Rubus fruticosus), which grows in zones 5 to 10. Underbrush is not only unsightly but also provides cover for unwanted creatures such as snakes. The best way to kill this unwanted underbrush is with a combination of mechanical and chemical means...more

Many ants are good for your soil.
The higher price you pay to add the finishing touch of premium hardwood mulch to your landscaping doesn't also protect your yard from ants and other insects. Premium mulch, which is naturally dark brown, is made of shredded logs, brush and greenery that has been aged and then shredded again for a consistent look. Although some types of mulch are generally thought to attract insects more than others, it's not the mulch -- be it premium hardwood, cypress or stone -- but what the mulch does that draws ants and other insects to your landscape...more

Weedwackers are used for edging as well as controlling weeds.
Most gardeners would agree that weeds are the bane of their existence. These pernicious plants divert precious time away from growing the plants that matter. When it becomes impossible to pull all the weeds by hand, weedwackers and chemical weed killers are often the management tools of choice...more

Reapply compost tea at least once a month while plants are actively growing.
Although it sounds like something you could brew in the kitchen, compost tea is drawn from high quality garden compost to improve soil and plant health. It consists of organic matter and microorganisms that aid in the delivery of nutrients. When properly brewed and actively aerated, compost tea also teems with microbes that help plants fend off diseases, but its liquid form can make measuring it for the garden a tricky task...more

A mower can be hooked up to a tractor by using a three-point hitch.
Most tractors use the three-point hitch for connecting different implements, such as mowers. Mower implements come in handy when you have many different tasks to carry out with the same tractor. The implements can be connected for use and then disconnected to connect another implement for the next task. These mowing implements are called flail implements. They work by having many small knife-like pieces of metal that fall on the grass at high speeds, breaking it...more

Sharpen the blade of your lawn mower at the beginning of mowing season.
Proper care of a lawn mower lengthens the life of the engine and helps the owner avoid costly repair bills. From push mowers to riding tractors to zero-turn mowers, all require regular care. Lawn mowers, much like cars, need similar maintenance, such as oil or filter changes and adequate storage when not in use. Belts become worn and break or the mower deck may rust if not stored properly. Maintain your mower and extend its mowing life...more

Too much fertilizer can kill your grass.
Although lawn fertilizer is designed to grow healthier grass, if used too much it can actually kill the grass. Grass killed by chemical fertilizer is referred to as "burned." The grass will turn brown and eventually you will have an area covered in dirt with no grass. The only way to correct this issue is to remove the old grass and plant new grass...more

Never clear snow from an area with gravel to avoid injuring others.
Owning a snow blower during the winter can give you peace of mind, allowing you to clear your driveway or sidewalks whenever necessary, instead of paying for professional snow removal or shoveling snow yourself. Depending on the snow type, your Honda HS621 snow blower throws snow at a maximum distance of 32.8 feet and runs continuously for 1.4 hours, making it an ideal choice for a snow blower. Place your Honda snow blower on a level surface to prevent it from overturning before you begin any troubleshooting. Troubleshooting your snowblower will help you maintain a safe experience removing snow...more

Pampas grass is a popular ornamental grass.
Pampas grass is a large ornamental grass that can easily take over your lawn if not controlled. Unfortunately, ridding your lawn of overgrown Pampas grass can be a hassle but--with the help of a weed killer--it is not impossible. Roundup is a popular weed and grass killer that is used to remove unwanted plant life in your landscape. Used in correspondence with black plastic, you can successfully rid your lawn of Pampas grass...more

Identifying leaves in New York can be a fun activity.
New York leaves are known for their beautiful fall colors of bright reds and yellows during the fall season. The leaves range in size, color, and shape. The leaves can be identified even during the winter by analyzing the fruit and flowers that appear. Leaves that are on trees can also be identified by the bark on the tree it grows on...more

There is a quick, nearly painless method to kills rats humanely.
How to kill small mammals, such as rats, humanely is a controversial topic. While certain methods offer an extremely quick death to rats, in most cases, these methods inflict a dramatic amount of pain quickly and might be considered inhumane. On the other hand, most painless methods of death only kill rats after an extended period of time, also making it inhumane. There is, however, a method that is used in many laboratories after the scientists are finished with the rats that is considered both quick and painless...more